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I began meeting with Laurel when I was walking through a really hard season, mentally, relationally, and spiritually. She created a space for me to honestly share my thoughts and feelings and met me with compassion and grace while consistently pointing me back to the truth of Jesus so boldly yet lovingly. I have met with several counselors in the past years of my life, but Laurel really stands out. She deeply cares, it’s so much more than a job for her, she just felt like a friend that so badly wanted freedom for me and guided me to that. What really stands out to me is how she checks in, Laurel calls me and texts me outside of our "meeting time," not because I ask her but because that is just who she is. The Lord has equipped Laurel with an overflow of wisdom and knowledge and it is a gift to be on the receiving end of that overflow. She has always made me feel so seen, known, and cared for, I truly have gained so much by learning from her and being known by her. 

-Kennedy, Age 22

Laurel’s ability to intentionally walk with me through several different areas of hurt in my life was profound. I have found restoration in spaces I never thought could be healed because of my time with her. She is patient, gentle, and incredibly wise, and I am so grateful for how she listens to God’s call on her life to counsel—she is the best!

-Mack, Age 25

Laurel is an amazing counselor who is great at listening and sympathizing. You can really trust her and can tell she has a strong relationship with the Lord. Her exercises that she comes up with are also challenging but fun. It is a meaningful journey to grow in your relationship with God through her guidance. 

-Danielle, Age 26

God gifted Laurel the ability to speak His truth to others, and I feel so grateful to experience her gift. She has guided my journey to seek Jesus on a more profound, intimate level. Her spiritual insight, deep Biblical knowledge, and genuine care for her clients has led me to a place of obedience and peace. My life is profoundly changed as a result of my relationship with Laurel. She grows God’s kingdom with every breath she takes, and I’m so excited to continue growing with her for His glory.

-Katie Smith, Age 29

Laurel and I were introduced at a time that I felt stuck in my life, job and relationship with Jesus. I am certain that I would still be stuck if we hadn’t been introduced. Simply put, my time spent with Laurel has been the most helpful element in my spiritual growth and formation, and furthermore of my life overall over the past decade, and I can’t endorse or recommend her highly enough. There’s been an X factor that Laurel has — a combination of love for God and people, a maternal instinct, Biblical insight, her own hard fought battles in life, her wisdom and experience and ultimately, her keen ability to hear from God. She is consistently able to discern my blind spots by listening well to me and hearing from God. This type of insight is what I was looking for and desperately needing in life. She challenged me, gave me homework and called me higher in a loving, comforting and non-judgmental way.  There’s a safety meeting with her for counseling that clinical therapy doesn’t provide. She reaches out to me to check in outside of our weekly appointments and I feel truly known and cared for by her. I’m not just a client or a paycheck, I’m truly being ministered to. This is comforting when having such intimate conversations. 

-Meghan, Age 30

Laurel is a gifted counselor and working with her sparked incredible healing in my life. She cares deeply about the people she works with. She patiently listened to me, provided accountability when necessary, and always pointed me to God. I'm grateful for my time with her because gave me the tools to deepen my relationship with God, heal old wounds, and learn how to believe that God's opinion of me is the only one that matters.

I highly recommend working with her!

-Katie A., Age 43


Counseling with Laurel was a game changer. She creates such a sweet, safe place to share hard things and teaches you to listen and hear the Lord in that space.  Her heart for her clients

to grow and heal is beautiful and makes all the difference.

-Amy, Age 46

 Laurel was a God-send to help me process during a tumultuous season.  She helped me disentangle lies I had been listening to and gently brought me to Jesus so we could hear what truth He was saying over me. I am so grateful for her support, wisdom and tenderness during this time.

-Elaine, Age 53

 I highly recommend Laurel as a counselor! She is knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and gifted with wisdom from GOD. She listens to her clients and HOLY SPIRIT to discern how to best

cooperate with GOD to guide each person toward healing.

-Martha, Age 64

 During a very difficult season of my life, God led me to be counseled by Laurel.  She would listen to Holy Spirit, while listening to my pain. She had a gentle attention to my story and she gave me resource suggestions for me to read or listen to before our next session.  Laurel had a Christ centered approach to help me identify how my childhood wounds had been hit by the recent family betrayal and how to heal fully from it in a Christ like way.  Laurel was a valued asset to my healing.

-Melinda, Age 58

I have been so blessed by my counseling experience with Laurel. She was truly a Godsend to me during a difficult time. Over time, she has helped me learn to hear the kind, gentle voice of the Father and to see as He sees. She is one of the few people I have ever truly felt seen by. Her kindness and safe and loving presence in my life has helped me tremendously. Her wisdom and insight has been invaluable. I’m so grateful for Laurel. She is truly God’s vessel, carrying His voice and healing to those in need!

-Anna, Age 36

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