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My Mission

It is my mission to bring freedom, hope and healing to you through the love of Jesus, the truth of God's Word and the power of Holy Spirit so that you may thrive. As your Biblical Counselor, I will walk alongside you as you journey deeper into your relationship with God in order to find freedom from bondage and the abundance of life in Christ.

About Me

I am a Certified Biblical Counselor located in Cincinnati, Ohio. I completed my certification in 2018 and have had my own private biblical counseling practice since January 2019.


It is my desire to help people connect more deeply with the Lord and with themselves leading to a better understanding of where healing is needed. I engage, equip and support each individual throughout their journey helping to identify and compassionately respond to the needs of those seeking healing and restoration through God's truth.


Biblical Counseling Certification through Lisa Schwarz, LLC (completed 2018)

Additional Training

Advanced Trauma Competent Care through Trauma Free World

(completed 2021)

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